Today's reading

Nehemiah 2:11-3:32, 1 Peter 2:1-10

January 15, 2023

P + F: Day Seven

Nehemiah 2:11-3:32, 1 Peter 2:1-10

The story we read today began with Nehemiah inspecting the rubbled walls of his beloved Jerusalem. Pay attention to the language and pattern of the rebuilding of the walls in Nehemiah 3. Over and over we see the phrase, “next to him, and next to him, and next to him.” The undertaking of such an impossible project was only possible when done together, as a community under anointed leadership. Together they faced opposition, hardship and resistance, and together they persevered. Nehemiah was unmatched in his leadership and organizational skills. Great leadership matters and there is strength in togetherness. In the rebuilding of the rubble in your life, who is next to you? Who are you shoulder to shoulder with being strengthened by and helping to strengthen? Whose leadership are you following? Later in the New Testament - another leader unmatched in skill, Peter - speaks of building a spiritual house, one in which we (you and I) are the living stones of construction. We aren’t rebuilding or strengthening physical walls today, but we are strengthening the living temple which is every one of us who belongs to Christ, the Cornerstone. When we stand together, under anointed leadership, we can face any opposition or offense. We are stronger and better together, because we were meant to work, serve, worship, and live together as a family. Finding connection and family in the church you attend is vitally important. If Bayside Community Church is your home, we have many ways to express leadership abilities and the “next to him” of Nehemiah. Consider growth track, small groups, serve teams, outreach teams, and missions to name a few. Let’s be the rebuilder of walls and as living stones - proof that Jesus lives!

prayer focuses

Father, thank you for rebuilding the rubble in our lives and for restoring our broken world.

Help us connect to one another to serve and build up the Body of Christ. Help me find someone to stand “next to.” In Jesus’ name.


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