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She opens her mouth with wisdom. The teaching of kindness is on her tongue. –Proverbs 31:26 NLT

May 8, 2022

Mother’s Day 2022

She opens her mouth with wisdom. The teaching of kindness is on her tongue. –Proverbs 31:26 NLT

Each year, a day is set aside to celebrate mothers. A variety of emotions emerge on this special day. A strong, healthy relationship with a mom evokes feelings of love and eagerness to celebrate the day. But, for those who never experienced the love of a caring mother, bitterness and resentment may arise. And, still others may experience sadness and loss as they mourn a mother who has recently passed away.Whatever the case, Mother’s Day is not a day exclusively set aside to honor one’s own biological mother. It is a day to celebrate all mothers. We might think of a woman who is important to us, or one who serves that role in our lives. There may be a special woman we look to with value and love. Perhaps, it is a grandmother, an aunt, a teacher, or a godly woman with whom we have a special connection.Whoever we choose, let’s be sure to celebrate, letting the person know what she means to us and the impact she has made on our lives. Mother’s Day is an opportunity to express our love to our moms or to those who have stepped in like a second mom.As we reflect on the good relationship we enjoy with our own mom or with another, we begin to realize how we are abundantly blessed. Thank God and celebrate this day set aside for that special mom.

prayer focuses

Thank the Lord, for blessing you with a loving mother or other caring woman.

Pray that the Lord will help you to be a blessing to your mom or other caring women in your life.


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