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The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. –Exodus 14:14 NIV

December 30, 2019

Control Freak

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. –Exodus 14:14 NIV

There have been times in all of our lives when we’ve felt out of control. The day we think that WE are in control of our lives is a dangerous day. We have no control over the weather, unexpected illnesses, the death of a loved one, or the will of a teenager. Control means security, that WE decide what happens and when. It makes us feel safe to be in control, and it calms our fears. But it’s all just an illusion, for we are never really in control. We didn’t decide our birth, and we don’t dictate our death. It’s all out of our hands. However, there is hope. When we surrender our need for control and when we accept the fact that we don’t have all the answers, freedom comes. I am a very strong-willed person, some call it stubborn. It wasn’t until I could ask, “What do YOU want me to do today, Lord?” that I found peace.When we hand control of our lives over to the One who loves us and accepts us, we stop being afraid. No matter what comes, we become like a child trusting our Papa to show us the way. The battle is the Lord’s.

prayer focuses

Accept the fact that you are not in control of your life, and ask your heavenly Father to take over.

Rest in the knowledge that no matter what comes, the Father is working for you, not against you.


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Brenda Beattie is a retired letter carrier and an active Chaplain for the USPS. She and her husband retired to Bradenton because they loved their church, Bayside Community Church. She has self-published two books, "Finding Sacred Ground In The Daily Grind," and "The Case Of The Missing Letter." She is also a repeat author for "Chicken Soup For The Soul." Her articles appear monthly in the "Mountaineer," a postal publication. Her hearts desire is to encourage and to give hope.