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His love endures forever…. –Psalm 136 NIV

August 5, 2019


His love endures forever…. –Psalm 136 NIV

In life, there are speed limits, weight limits, load limits, outer limits, and date usage limits. However, there are no limits to the cup that overflows with love. The love cup is endless, boundless, bottomless, never-ending, and eternal. It can’t be bought, sold, or bartered. The love cup has no formula, no quid pro quo, and no expiration date—and it is never deserved. It remains full no matter how much we drain away; it is a well springing forth with eternal life. This love cup isn’t even provided by our own efforts; it is a gift. It is something humankind can’t and doesn’t practice on our own. We are incapable of it. Humanity is selfish, self-centered, and self-absorbed, but the love cup overflows with a desire to put others first. So what is this love cup, how do we get it, and what’s the cost? This love cup is a gift wrapped in mercy and grace. It is ours for the asking, and all who ask receive. The cost is dear, one no person could ever afford it. Therefore, the price was paid for us by Jesus. The blood of the Lamb purchased our freedom. His love is limitless toward us forever.

prayer focuses

Ask God to help you to practice loving as He loves you.

Do not try to limit God’s love, for His love is limitless.


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