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“But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,” declares the Lord. –Jeremiah 30:17 NIV

March 23, 2023

Allow Your Wounds to Breathe

“But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,” declares the Lord. –Jeremiah 30:17 NIV

If we live life long enough, we’ll carry some wounds. They can be physical, emotional, or spiritual. We can’t often see them on the outside because they’re internal—deep in our hearts. But, at any moment, one or more can be triggered.

Each wound tells a full story. But often, we gloss over the painful areas and just stick to the soft, pretty parts that we feel are safest to expose. Yet, it is in those places of agony where we relate to the heartache of others. That grief also pulls us closer to Jesus in experiencing the depth of anguish He must have felt at times throughout His life up until the Cross.

We often hide our wounds, but giving them light and space to breathe is the better way. Perhaps letting someone else touch and feel the wound for themselves is where we find some healing too. Jesus had wounds from His family, society, church, “religious” people, governing authorities, close friends, and more. He understands our pain. And it is by His very own scarred hands and feet that we are made whole again. In Jesus, we are healed and our wounds can be used for a greater purpose.

prayer focuses

Jesus, help me to walk through the difficult process of healing with bravery and confidence.

Thank You, Jesus, that because of Your nail-scarred hands, I am healed.


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